Full Version: Welcome to the new forums!
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Dear customers,

Welcome to the new Mitov Software forums!

We hope that they will be easier to use and navigate, as well as to keep clean from Spam.

With best regards,

Boian Mitov


Greetings, I am Kurt Roesener and I have just finished banning a bunch of spammers.
Next step is to clean up the 'New User' thread so it will look a lot more professional around here.

The Ban Hammer is on the job!
Changed overwrite page so works on non-standard windows (onshow was called twice) Can enter a dynamic naming string of more than 1000 characters Acquire from scanner, works on 64 bit system where does not have 64 bit scanner drivers Batch Converter: auto expands tree item on selection Batch Converter: if started from a location cannot find in network, it is added anyhow Conversion error and info page now accepts escape key to close 64 bit installation will clean parts of the 32 bit install which would cause a conflict if left FLAC ID tags updated to preserve all \r in lyric tag m4a decoder optimized for fast property reading Professional Frequency conversion enabled for all routines Popup info tip no longer shows a negative compression ratio (was previously possible with rounding errors) CD Ripper: artist column always shown, even if not a compilation CD Ripper: submit to AMG and AMG settings page removed as no longer relevant Comments with multi lines, for mp3 are written to a single comment tag (was previously multiple comment tags) m4a decoder update is now compatible with converting audio from Audio m4a files Mp22mp3 freeware click this link now: mp22mp3 freeware affect issue free download mp2 to mp3 general
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