Full Version: Show Codec dialog with VLAVILogger
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Thought I would start a new thread.

When my project was using VLDSVideoLogger I was able to show the Codec settings dialog using this...

Now that I have switched to VLAVILogger it doesn't work even with using the proper names.

I have tried everything I can think of and mostly get ShowDialog is not a member of TVLVideoCompressionItem.

I could add a VLDSVideoLogger just so I can show the Codec Dialog but if I can do it with VLAVILogger it would be cleaner, what am I missing?


You're right, the method doesn't exist for TVLVideoCompressionItem for the VLAviLogger so your workaround is probably the best idea to get the dialog visible.


Thanks Dave,

I added a stand alone VLDSVideoLogger just for the dialog and it seems to be working and not interfering with the AVILogger. Think we are home free with this ordeal although I haven't quite fully tested everything just yet.
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