Full Version: TVLDSVideoPlayer what formats?
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Wondering if anyone has a list of what video formats TVLDSVideoPlayer will play. Or does it just depend on which Codecs are installed on the computer?


Never mind found it in the FAQ..

Q: Does VideoLab support the format of my Video Files?

A: VideoLab supports both Win32 API and DirectShow technologies. Win32 API will allow you to play only AVI files. If you decide to use DirectShow VideoLab will use any DirectShow filter available on your system. If you have a DirectShow filter for a particular video format VideoLab will recognize the format and use the proper filter. This means that VideoLab is capable of using any format available today. If you have a file that you can’t play in VideoLab, it means that you probably don’t have the proper DirectShow filter. Please search the web and download the filter needed for the particular format.
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