Full Version: Sound not synced with video when recording
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Had this problem with VLDSVideoLogger and switched to VLAVILogger which I thought solved the problem but now it's back. My app can switch between a web cam with built in mic and a video capture card using the computers sound card with an external mic.

In testing the Webcam the delayed audio problem came back. I am suspecting I do not understand enough about video compression and audio compression and how they both relate to a compression codec. I am using the freeware Xvid codec for video but do not have Audio compression enabled. Am suspecting this is what is throwing off the timing between video and audio.

Do video codec's always also do audio compression and do I need to set the Audio Compressor to the codec when I set the Video Compressor? Help me understand how this works?


That's a little low level, i guess you'd better ask Boian himself about this.

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