Full Version: Serious problem #3 - Extreme latency displaying captured video
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Mitov Library Version (.NET)

[Image: 20150227_Openwire_VideoCapture.png]

No Source Code - only Openwire Editor!
(Win7 64bit, Visual Studio 2013 Ultimate)

Hardware Configuration (Signal Flow):

Laptop --> HDMI Out --> Datapath VisionRGB-E2S Capture Card HDMI IN
1920x1080 @60Hz
The Computer running the test-app is new installed with the latest Drivers

Playing Videos to the capture Card will result in a changing (!!!) latency of 1 to 4 seconds (sometimes even much more!).
4 seconds = 240 Frames Delay/Latency !!!
You also can only move the Mouse Pointer, and you will see that there is an extreme latency !!!

We have tested with several Apps and libraries from other manufacturers on the same Computer (we use different boot disks to completely seperate the different Software installations - but Keep the same Hardware !!!)
With all (!!!!!) other Apps / Libraries there is everytime (!) the same low latency (something about 5 Frames ...)

Please help - because this is a big Problem !!!
(02-28-2015 08:47 AM)rawvalue Wrote: [ -> ]Configuration:
Mitov Library Version (.NET)

Hi rawvalue,

Thank you!
Can you contact me at so I can assist you with this problem?

With best regards,
Boian Mitov
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