Full Version: Show the VLDSCapture SelectVideoDevice dialog at runtime?
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The Select Video Device, and Select Video Source dialogs work great in the Design tab.

When the application is running, cdVideoCapture and cdVideoCapturePin are the only available dialogs.

Is there a way to have these dialogs available when the application is running?

Alternatively, is there a control/property/function that returns the available video devices (you know, I'm going to ask for audio devices next) that I could put in a list for the user to select?

Current Code:
procedure TForm1.btnShowDialogClick(Sender: TObject);
  myVideoDialogs : VLDSCapture.TVLDSCaptureDialogs;
  myVideoDialogs := VLDSCapture1.AvailableVideoDialogs;

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Just a follow up:

I am able to get the select video device dialog to show using VLCapture, but not VLDSCapture.

Interesting artificat is that the dialog box closes, then re-opens after selecting the device, with more options listed.

...AND, it only works when running without debugging. If I run with debugging, the application fails.
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