Full Version: How to get the result buffers from CTSLFourier.SpectrumOutputPin.
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Dear sir,

I am using Audio DSP Combo V5.0.3 with VisualStudio 2013 with MFC.

How can I get the result buffers from CTSLFourier.SpectrumOutputPin
or any other outputpin?

My code is like below.
void __stdcall OnGenericRealFFTSpectrumEvent(void *Sender, TSLCRealBuffer InBuffer, TSLCRealBuffer &OutBuffer, bool &SendOutputData);

CTSLFourier m_SLFourier;
CTSLGenericReal m_SLGenericReal;

m_SLGenericReal.OnProcessData.Set(this, &CMyView::OnGenericRealFFTSpectrumEvent);

Compile error occurred like below.
error C2440: '...' : 'void (__stdcall CMyView::* )(void *,TSLCRealBuffer,TSLCRealBuffer &,bool &)'.. 'CSLProcessRealEvent::TProcessCallBackFunction' ..... c:\program files (x86)\labpacks\visual c++\include\cslgenericreal.h 41 1 ...

Is there any other solution?
Please anyone give me suggest.

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