Full Version: Problems copying video file using TVLLACVideoLogger and TVLLACVideoPlayer
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I tried to make a simple copy program for video files, just connecting a TVLLVAVideoplayer to a TVLLVAVideoLogger. Videoopins and Audiopins are connected properly. Filenames are given and both components are disabled initially. A TVLImageDisplay component is added to allow observing what happens.

Logger compression is AutoSelect.

A click on a button executes the following code:;
VLLAVVideoLogger1.enabled := true;

What follows is a short flicker of the video and then an error message ("could not open video codec.....").
Pressing CONTINUE an message integer divide by zero at... appears.

Just showing the video not connecting the logger is OK.

The problem appears in VCL and FMX.

Where is my mistake?

Thanks for any help

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