Full Version: Getting data from components
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First of all I must thank Mr. Mitov for such a wonderful library.
So far I've gotten all my visual needs solved by convenient and rich components of SignalLab, but when it came to the coding side I just got confused.
I'm not that superb in .NET programming, though that's the one platform I'm at least somehow familiar with, therefore I'm in need of help. Huh

What I want is:
i have my signal and its spectre with FFT. Then I want to use Goertzel to detect the frequency of a signal. Visually I can do it - no problem.

But I need to solve it in code too. Basically the idea was to apply Goertzel to the range of the frequencies a signal may come in and get a maximum value from this range.

Seems rather easy, but I don't get how to obtain current sample value (or whatever it's called) from Goertzel component, although I can edit frequency without a problem.

Would be nice to receive some help on the subject.
Thanks in advance.
Haha, I'm so lame.
After asking a question I've discovered that argument of the Goertzel component event handler named Args contains all the information I need.
Problem solved. Sleepy Blush
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