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I want to use PlotLab.Scope. I don't want to scale background of that. I mean when i zoom or change data, data change but the number of the MajorTicks in both of XAxis and YAxis doesn't change. For Example i want to have always 10 MajorTicks in both of them.


Hi! The SLScope is highly configurable, you should have a look at the YAxis->AutoScaling->Enabled property. Also check Min, Max, Ticks etc.etc.

Thanks dave, but it didn't help me. I know about YAxis and AutoScale. I Fixed my YAixs but about XAixs it didn't work. I tried all of the XAixs properties but i couldn't do it. Can you tell me which properties must be set together.


There's also a zooming property. I'm not entirely sure what you want with the scope.. could you clarify some more?
Ok Dave, I create a new windows C# form. Then i add a scope. I add bellow code In the Form1_Load Method :

double[] XAxis = new double[1000];
double[] YAxis = new double[1000];
for (int i = 0; i < 1000; i++)
XAxis[i] = i;
YAxis[i] = i;
scope1.Channels[0].Data.SetXYData(XAxis, YAxis);

just this, without anything else. Then i run it. When you zoom in by mouse you can see all features of the scope change, MajorTicks, Number of uints, size of each units, Lable of Ticks.It's confusing. It's not important to show lablel of ticks, i can invisble them. I need to change step but fix major ticks. Sorry i can't explain easier than this.
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