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SLResizeDispatcher and IPPPTypes.IppiRect error
09-22-2016, 08:36 AM
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SLResizeDispatcher and IPPPTypes.IppiRect error
Hi Dave,

I just installed V7.8.2.0 audio (and openwire) VCL packages for use into Delphi 10.1 Berlin Update 1. I Use your packages since several years and actually try to update an old program where Audiolab components gave full satisfaction.

With new version, I get an error message that say SLResizeDispatcher unit has been compiled with a different version of IPPPTypes.IppiRect.

Message (in French) :
[dcc32 Erreur fatale] SLBasicDispatcher.pas(1593): F2051 L'unité SLResizeDispatcher a été compilée avec une version différente de IPPPTypes.IppiRect

Does this problem can be due to not correctly removed old package ?

Edit : for information, problem also occur when trying compile an new project that contain only one Audiolab components (and without writing a single line of code).

Thanks in advance for your answer,
kindest regards,
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