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Q: Do I have to purchase PlotLab?

A: PlotLab is free for non commercial purposes. This means that you can use it for personal pleasure, hobby, or evaluation purposes. If you are student you can also use it for free for your educational needs including school projects. If you are a tutor at present you also can use it for free for your classes. However in the near future a low cost tutor license will be available, and you will have to purchase it. Your students however will not need license to use the product at class.

Q: Is PlotLab multithreading? Will it stop processing the data while I move the window with the mouse?

A: Yes. PlotLab is fully multithreaded and will not stop processing the data while the main thread is busy.

Q: Does PlotLab require any DLLs to work?

A: If you are using Delphi or C++ Builder, PlotLab does not require any DLLs to work. You can create monolithic executable that contains all that is needed. If you are using Visual C++, with the current version you will have to use the PlotLab DLL files.

After installation, the PlotLab demos are located at:

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