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Q: Does VideoLab support the format of my Video Files?

A: VideoLab supports both Win32 API and DirectShow technologies. Win32 API will allow you to play only AVI files. If you decide to use DirectShow VideoLab will use any DirectShow filter available on your system. If you have a DirectShow filter for a particular video format VideoLab will recognize the format and use the proper filter. This means that VideoLab is capable of using any format available today. If you have a file that you can’t play in VideoLab, it means that you probably don’t have the proper DirectShow filter. Please search the web and download the filter needed for the particular format.

Q: I can’t play my video file! What is wrong?

A: In order to play format other then basic AVI you must use the DirectShow TVLDSVideoPlayer component. If you still can’t play the file, please check if you have installed a DirectShow codec for the file format. VideoLab needs a codec available in the system in order to decode the file. A huge selection of codecs is available on the WEB.

Q: Do I have to purchase VideoLab?

A: VideoLab is free for non commercial purposes. This means that you can use it for personal pleasure, hobby, or evaluation purposes. If you are student you can also use it for free for your educational needs including school projects. If you are a tutor at present you also can use it for free for your classes. However in the near future a low cost tutor license will be available, and you will have to purchase it. Your students however will not need license to use the product at class.

Q: Is VideoLab multithreading? Will it stop streaming while I move the window with the mouse?

A: Yes. VideoLab is fully multithreaded and will not stop streaming while the main thread is busy.

Q: Does VideoLab support DirectShow?

A: Yes. VideoLab supports DirectShow 8.1 or higher.

Q: What version of DirectShow I need to run VideoLab?

A: VideoLab supports DirectShow 8.1 or higher.

Q: Can I capture and save bitmaps out of the video stream?

A: Yes. Check the CaptureBitmap in the demos directory.

Q: Can I create a movie from bitmaps?

A: Yes. Check the RecordBitmapsDemo in the demos directory.

Q: Can I process bitmap images with VideoLab?

A: Yes. Check the ProcessBitmap demo project in the demos directory.

Q: Can I process the video faster than the normal video speed.

A: Yes. Check the VideoConvertDemo demo in the DirectShow demoes directory.

Q: I want to copy and paste parts of the video into a new file. Can VideoLab do that?

A: Yes. VideoLab uses DirectShow to play and record files. Many formats do not allow easy positioning and can’t be used with DirectShow Editing Services. VideoLab offers a different approach. It allows you to play even non seek enabled file to a specific position and copy a portion of the file into a new one. Check the VideoConvertDemo demo in the DirectShow demoes directory.

Q: Can I play video files from a Web URL?

A: Yes. You can use the TVLDSVideoPlayer to play files as well as any video URL from the web.

Q: I want to use VideoLab. Do I have to install DirectShow?

A: DirectShow is not required on your system if you are not planning to write application using the DirectShow components of the package.

After installation, the VideoLab demos are located at:

After installation, the DirectShow demos are located at:

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