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MIDI Output to VST Host PlugIn
01-25-2016, 01:31 PM
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MIDI Output to VST Host PlugIn
I am coming from "somewhat successful use" of the ASIO VST 3.x project on SourceForge and would like to use AudioLab for my project but am having one heck of a time getting the PlugInDispatch to recognize and/or process MIDI provided data.

I can send data out to midi devices... I do have simple things like the signal generator and VST host hooked up to an AudioLab mixer followed by the ASIO Output. The signal generators produce output so I am certain the hardware communication layer is fine.

Over in the ASIO VST solution you push the VST Events via the ASIO HostBufferSwitch... basically calling ProcessEvents which iterates the events array and outputs the sound. You then detect if the MIDI thru is enabled and pass along the data to the MIDI device down the chain.

In Mitov I cannot seem to figure out the equivalent approach. I have my MIDI player pushing notes to both MIDI output and filling my events buffer, but when I forward the array to PlugInDispatch nothing all all occurs. No errors, no output, nothing.

I'm passing 25 (ProcessEvents) to the call along with my event array.. I'm just stumped.

iRes := ALVSTHost1.PlugInDispatch(25,0,0,@fMyEvents,0.0);

Has anyone done this and can you provide a dumbed-down example of just sending a note-on then note-off through a VST instrument so I can stop driving myself nuts?
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