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ALAudioOut.Device.DeviceName problem
09-21-2016, 09:23 AM
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ALAudioOut.Device.DeviceName problem
I am having problems routing the audio to a different sound device.

Here is the code line I am using:

SCInterface_Form.ALAudioOut.Device.DeviceName := 'HP w2408-8 (NVIDIA High Definition Audio)';

Using the debugger, the next line shows the devicename property in ALAudioOut has indeed been changed. But the audio is still routed to the default audio device.

If I set the w2408 as the default device then sound does go out that device, so the device is okay, seems ALAudioOut does not make the change.

Using Windows 10, Delphi 10 Seattle.

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09-28-2016, 08:29 AM
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RE: ALAudioOut.Device.DeviceName problem [solved]
After spending some test time with Boian, we resolved the problem.

The ALAudioOut component will not switch to a new device until the input stream is stopped. For example, if you have the SLSigGen connected to the ALAudioOut component then you need to first stop the SLSigGen, reassign the output device (soundcard) and then restart the signal generator:

ALAudioOut1.Device.DeviceName := 'HP w2408-8 (NVIDIA High Definit';

If you are using some other type of input stream to ALAudioOut then you would do the same as above.

When the input stream is restarted and ALAudioOut receives new samples then it will connect to the new device and output samples to it.
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