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Class: TMLDSPlayer




property PumpPriority : Cardinal read FPumpPriority write FPumpPriority default 0;

C++ Builder:

__property unsigned int PumpPriority = { read=FPumpPriority, write=FPumpPriority, default=0 };


Specifies the priority of the component as a pump.


TVLDSVideoPlayer is capable of pumping data. It means that if no other pumping component is presented, TVLDSVideoPlayer will start generating frames, and sending them via its OutputPin and AudioOutputPin. TVLDSVideoPlayer is a master level pump. Any pump with a level below master will be ignored and the component will serve as a pump. If there is a pump above maser level, the component will work in slave mode, providing data on the pump request. If the other pump is a master as well, the priority number will be used to determine who will serve as a pump. If both priorities are equal, one of the pumps will be selected to serve as a data pump.

Delphi example:

VLDSVideoPlayer1.PumpPriority := 5;

C++ Builder example:

VLDSVideoPlayer1->PumpPriority = 5;

Visual C++(MFC) example:

VLDSVideoPlayer1.PumpPriority = 5;

Visual C++/CLI example:

dsVideoPlayer1->PumpPriority = 5;

C# example:

dsVideoPlayer1.PumpPriority = 5;

VB example:

DSVideoPlayer1.PumpPriority = 5

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