SignalLab allows fast, complex signal manipulations and visualization with almost zero lines of code! 

  • Acquire
  • Synthesize
  • Process
  • Analyze
  • Output
  • Control

SignalLab: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I have to purchase SignalLab?
A: SignalLab is free for non commercial purposes. This means that you can use it for personal pleasure, hobby, or evaluation purposes. If you are student you can also use it for free for your educational needs including school projects. If you are a tutor at present you also can use it for free for your classes. However in the near future a low cost tutor license will be available, and you will have to purchase it. Your students however will not need license to use the product at class.
Q: Is SignalLab multithreading? Will it stop streaming while I move the window with the mouse?
A: Yes. SignalLab is fully multithreaded and will not stop streaming while the main thread is busy.
Q: Can I use SignalLab with my data acquisition board?
A: You can use SignalLab with any data acquisition board as long as you have development libraries for the board. You can use the TSLGenericReal, and TLSGenericInt to send data from the board into the SignalLab components. Please check the SignalLab documentation as well as the CustomFilterDemo demo directory (See bellow).
Q: Can I create my own filter?
A: You can create your own Real, Integer and Complex filters with SignalLabYou can use the TSLGenericReal, TSLGenericComplex, and TLSGenericInt to implement the filters. Please check the SignalLab documentation as well as the CustomFilterDemo demo directory (See bellow).
Q: I have my own plot component. Can I display the data into it?
A: You can use any Third party plot component with SignalLab. Use the TSLGenericReal to obtain the data to be displayed in the plot component. Please check the SignalLab documentation as well as the CustomFilterDemo demo directory (See bellow).
If you do not have a compatible IDE, you can purchase an Embarcadero IDE


*Due to a linker bug in C++ Builder XE2, Firemonkey is not working properly for all libraries, and VCL is not working for VisionLab.
This applies only to C++ Builder XE2.
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