Write a simple signal generator application with SignalLab using C#, VB.NET, J# or C++/CLI

This is a step by step tutorial for writing a simple signal generator application in .NET by using SignalLab. The steps are exactly identical in C#, Visual Basic .NET, C++/CLI and J#.

There is no code writing necessary to complete this application.

There is no need to know C#, Visual Basic, J# or C++ in order to create this application.


The tutorial covers the following steps, which should take less than one minute:

1. Add a SignalGen Component to Your Application's Form:


2. Add a Scope Control to Your Application's Form:


3. Add a channel to the Scope control:

3.1. Double-click on the scope1 control on the form:


3.2. Add a channel in the ScopeChannel Collection Editor, and click OK:


4. Connect the signalGen1.OutputPin to scope1.InputPins[0]:

4.1. Select the signalGen1 component on the form:


4.2. In the signalGen1 Properties select OutputPin and click on the DottedButton button:


4.2. In the connection editor check the InputPins.Channel0 of the scope1 and click OK:


5. Run the Application:

5.1 Press (F5) to run the application. You should see the wave form on the scope:


Here is a diagram of the OpenWire connections in this application: